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A gutter system is an integral component of a home’s exterior, designed to efficiently manage and redirect rainwater away from the structure. When rain hits the roof, it flows downwards due to gravity. The gutters, which are essentially shallow troughs, capture this water and channel it to the downspouts. Downspouts then ensure that the water is directed away from the home’s foundation, preventing pooling.

This system not only protects the foundation but also safeguards the siding, windows, doors, and even the roof from potential water damage. Properly functioning gutters also prevent soil erosion around the home and protect the landscape from being washed away, ensuring the home remains structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing regardless of the weather.


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Certainly, crafting restrictions that are clear and precise is key to maintaining a professional and trustworthy relationship with clients. Here are ten restrictions for Hernandez Roofing Pros’ 10% Autumn special discount:

1. Property Eligibility: This offer is valid for residential properties only. Commercial, industrial, or mixed-use properties do not qualify for the Autumn special discount.

2. Roof Specifications: The offer applies specifically to roofs with a maximum of four gables. Roofs with more than four gables are excluded from this promotion.

3. Slope Requirements: To ensure the safety of our professionals, this offer is applicable only for roofs with walkable slopes. Steep-pitch roofs or roofs that require harnesses or additional safety equipment may be subject to an additional cost or may not be serviceable under this offer.

4. Access and Clearance: The property must allow adequate space for ladder access and setup, ensuring the safety of our personnel. Properties with obstructed work areas or those that require special equipment for access are not eligible.

5. Project Scope: The discount applies to services for roofing, gutters, and siding only. Any additional repairs, installations, or services not specified in the initial agreement will be charged separately.

6. Permit Compliance: Any statutory permits required for the work will need to be obtained by the homeowner in advance. Hernandez Roofing Pros is not responsible for securing construction or renovation permits.

7. Promotion Period: The offer is valid from [10] until [10/31] of Fall 2023. Services requested outside of these dates will not qualify for the 10% discount.

8. Booking and Scheduling: Homeowners must agree to a pre-determined schedule for the services to be rendered. Rescheduling on the part of the client may result in additional fees or the cancellation of the discount.

9. Payment Terms: To avail of the discount, customers are required to adhere to the payment plan stipulated in the contract. Delayed payments or deviations from the agreed plan may void the discount offer.

10. Cancellation Policy: If a project is canceled by the homeowner after the work has commenced, the client is liable for costs incurred by Hernandez Roofing Pros up to the point of cancellation, and the discount offer becomes non-applicable.

11. Slope & Material Specifications: This promotion is limited to roofs with certain materials and conditions. Roofs must have a walkable slope and be constructed of materials such as asphalt shingles, metal, or tile. Roofs made of slate, wood shakes, or in poor condition—indicating the need for extensive repair or replacement—are excluded from this offer. Our specialists reserve the right to determine the eligibility based on a comprehensive roof inspection.

12. Exclusive Discount Policy: This Autumn special promotion cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, or promotional deals available from Hernandez Roofing Pros. It is intended to stand alone and is not applicable to any work that is covered under a separate discount or offer.

13. Non-Compoundable Benefit: The 10% discount is singular and cannot be compounded with any other benefits, discounts, or promotions, whether offered by Hernandez Roofing Pros or a third-party partnership. Clients are entitled to apply for only one discount or promotion per service appointment.

By understanding and accepting these conditions, customers can proceed confidently with Hernandez Roofing Pros, knowing exactly what the service entails and how these restrictions safeguard both parties’ interests. For further clarification or to initiate your service request, please contact our dedicated customer service team.

By clearly defining these restrictions, Hernandez Roofing Pros sets accurate expectations for their clients, ensuring a smooth, professional interaction that minimizes the potential for misunderstandings or disputes.

Client Testimonials

Mr. Hernandez and his team were very professional throughout the entire process. He was able to give me a personalized quote and discussed all possible options with me. When time came for the installation, his crew was on time and very professional. During clean up they were even kind enough to sweep the leaves off my porch, they left the place better than how the found it!. After a few rainstorms, Mr. Hernandez followed up with me to make sure that I wasn't experiencing an issues with my new roof. I highly recommend this company.

Daniel Spargo

Roof Replacement, Client

Hernandez Roofing did a two part job for me, a repair to some damage on our roof and a replacement for a badly damaged shed roof that was leaking heavily.

They had the best cost of the roofing pros that I received estimates from, showed up on time, completed the work in two days, cleaned up after themselves (including putting down tarps to avoid getting nails/debris in the yard) and generally did an excellent job. I would definitely contact them again for future work.

Timothy Obenshain

Roof Repair/ Shed Roof, Client

Found Hernandez Roofing Pros through Google and it was a pleasure to work with them. The owner, Francisco, is really professional and responsible.

He took his time to listen to all my concerns and provide me with the best options for my roof. I thought it was going to be a difficult process but Francisco and his crew made it look effortless.

They completed the work in a timely manner according to schedule. My roof is looking perfect! I would definitely be recommending Hernandez Roofing Pros to family and friends!

Marianne Paredes


It's my first-time using Hernandez Roofing Pros for gutter installation but I've used them for gutter cleaning. They are professional, timely, and their work is top quality. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reasonable priced roof inspection (free) w/ gutter cleaning service in the DC area. They noted that my gutter system was in poor condition and took the initiate to reach out and offer their services. When I compared their price against the market, I found it to be very reasonable. They were very communicative on scheduling time, the payment plan was reasonable (30/70), and the finished product was 10/10 on aesthetics. Thanks Hernandez Roofing Pros!


Gutter Services, Client

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