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Why coat your roof?

There are many reasons to coat or paint your flat roof, yet, only one is a main reason… to elongate the life of your current roof. The application of a Roof Coating must follow the guidelines of the manufacturers, it is important to understand that coating your flat roof is a temporary repair. This service does not provide the same benefits as a new roof installation. However, remember your current and potential budget. If you are aware your roof isn’t new, then, an inspection of your flat roof is necessary for one of our experts to determine if your roof can be coated or if it needs replacing. 

Benefits of Coating your Flat Roof

1) Better for the Buck:

Unlike a standard roof replacement, there is no need to spend too much on a messy replacement project when your roof can itself go for a couple more years. Then, why not add some life to that? There are plenty of coatings out there for Flat Roof Membranes. Many coatings are tailored for specific material. For example, Aluminum based coatings will work best for Tin roof or metal roofs in comparison to single ply or modified torch. Here is where we introduce to you to the wonderful world of the Silicon Coating material.

2) Lighter Weight for your roof assembly:

Many homeowners consider replacing their roofs, even if it means to reroof. Reroofing is the application of an additional membrane over the existing layer. This is a very tricky approach for a couple of reasons, one being unlawful in many cities in the country, as well as adding extra weight to the roof structure. Therefore, applying a coating layer will weight way less than applywing an extra layer (if your roof quilifies under the law for reroofing).

3) Variety of Options:

There are many options of coating materials for your flat roof. This opens the doors for a multiple options, from economical choices to more efficient material. This begs the question, what makes a coating efficient?



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