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Hernandez Roofing Pros is a family owned, licensed and completely insured company that provides full-operation of roofing, siding, and gutter replacement and repair services. Hernandez Company serves residential and commercial clients in the Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas with a combined 7 years of experience. The Hernandez Company was founded by Mr. Serafin Hernandez a little past a decade ago, and now passed on to his son, Francisco Hernandez, who is the go-to person of the company serving as Reginal Manager with years of experience in the roofing industry.


It is our mission to provide the best services possible to ensure our clients feel confident their home is secure from any of earth’s unpredictable elements through installing high-end roofing services, such roof replacement & roof repair, and by providing a face-to-face personal and professional communication to ensure our work is completed in a timely and proficient manner. Contact Us Today!

“As a company, we know the value of time. This is why we believe that being direct with what we can offer to you. No speeches, no long teaching of what roofing is… just direct to the point of why we are the best option for you.”

Francisco Hernandez      CEO


We are proud to assure you that we possess the State of Maryland, and the District of Columbia Home Improvement Licenses to operate within the state and the district.

Additionally, we are insured with a 2-Million-dollar coverage to secure a back-up plan if things do not go the way we plan. We hope to never use this, as you might never want to utilize your own insurance, but life has different plans for every single one of us, and companies, either small or big, cannot an exception of life’s way.


Hernandez Company LLC is a business with the goal of providing specialized services that will deliver high-quality results to our customers by utilizing an experienced crew for the installation of roofing, siding, and gutter systems, and to provide a personal, face-to-face communication between Hernandez Roofing Company LLC and the homeowner/s by arranging a FREE Estimate meeting with one of our sales people.

Our goal it’s not to be the biggest company in the area, our goal is to provide the best services, which include workmanship, customer service, explanation of the outcomes of selection of certain materials,

We are a company that believes that competition is key to success because there are numerous of great companies doing fantastic jobs out there, and they provide a decent professional service. Such competition only makes us want to work harder and provide us with a better sense of being fair with prices, work ethic, and most importantly, to provide our clients with the best up-to-date services to leave you satisfied.

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